Elder Law & Estate Planning

Don’t Spend Another Day Worrying About Your Plans.

We work with you to make an Estate Plan, Care Plan, or address a crisis, so you can spend more time with the people you love, do more of what you enjoy, or both.

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Elder Law & Estate Planning in Northern Kentucky

Our Clients Experience Peace of Mind.


An Estate Plan or Care Plan eases your concerns and "what if" thoughts.


Having a plan provides a roadmap to follow for your caregivers and family.


Planning with us prevents costly mistakes common with do-it-yourself efforts.

How We Work With You



We meet to discuss your unique situation. We want to learn about you, your worries, and your goals. 



We take everything we learned about you and apply the knowledge of our team to design a plan that addresses your concerns.



We all meet again to review the plan, discuss our strategy, and get the ball rolling on putting your plan in place. You watch your worries fade away.

We Help Clients Plan During Critical Stages.

Senior couple, happy and embracing.

Seniors & Their Loved Ones

The decisions that come along with aging and chronic illness are difficult for seniors and their families. With a multi-disciplinary team, we work with you to develop a plan for the legal, care, and financial challenges, shifting your focus from concern about the future to living fully today. This planning includes:

      • Care planning and advocacy
      • Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney
      • Medicaid Planning
      • VA Benefits Planning
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Younger Families & Individuals

Traditional estate planning helps people know their children will be taken care of, their property will be distributed as they want, and decisions that would need to be made if they are incapacitated will be made according to their wishes. We serve our clients by creating:

      • Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney
      • Living Wills, Healthcare Directives, and HIPAA Waivers
      • Special Needs Trusts
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Families or Individuals Experiencing A Crisis

Many things can become a crisis for our senior clients. We know how to bring calm to chaos. We help families shift the burden of worry from their shoulders to ours in matters including:

      • Unexpected Urgent Care Needs (Medicaid Crisis)
      • Discovery of Fraud or Abuse of a Senior
      • Death of a Loved One (Probate)

Do I Need to Hire an Attorney?

One of the first questions people tend to have is, “Do I need an estate planning attorney?” or “Do I need an elder law attorney?” The simple answer is generally no. There are do-it-yourself options for the most basic services we provide. While you may not need an attorney, we think you will want us working with you to ensure your goals are accomplished and to afford you peace of mind.

Why Hire an Elder Law or Estate Planning Lawyer?

Our aim is to give you peace of mind. Elder Law Attorneys and Estate Planning Attorneys provide assistance in matters of the law that are very important to most people. We create plans set forth in legal documents that address things like:

  • What happens to my kids if I die?
  • Who will make health care decisions for me if I cannot?
  • How will I afford long-term care if I need it?
  • Will I lose my life savings if I need to go to a nursing home?

Do-it-yourself estate planning has its risks. If a will is not executed properly, it could be completely invalidated. If your healthcare directive is incorrect, critical end of life decisions might be made for you contrary to your wishes.  DIY Medicaid planning often leaves families spending down thousands of dollars of their hard-earned money that a skilled attorney could have protected.

Working With Us

We want you to spend as little time worrying about the concerns you bring to us as possible. From our first meeting, we will work to learn about your life and identify what keeps you up at night. At the conclusion of our planning meeting, you should feel relieved and confident that your concerns were all addressed. Parents of young children will no longer worry about what will happen to their kids if they are not around to take care of them. Adults with aging parents feel confident that their care needs will be addressed in a way that they will not outlive their resources. Seniors will see a plan that reassures them they will not be a burden on their loved ones. 

Another thing we do not want our clients worried about is cost. Our planning services are all billed on a flat-fee basis. We discuss fees at our initial meeting so you’ll know the cost before you agree to work with us. No hourly billing surprises.

Get Started Today

The first step is to book an introductory call with us. We will talk by phone or video chat to get a sense of your concerns and whether working together will be a good fit. The call is free. No high pressure sales here, just a chat to see if we can help you accomplish what you are looking to do.

Let's Work Together

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