Crisis Response

You Don’t Have to Face a Crisis On Your Own. 

We are here to help bring calm where there is chaos. If you experience a crisis like discovery of elder abuse or fraud, the death of a loved one, sudden incapacity of someone you care for, or the unexpected need for nursing home care, you don’t have to face the situation alone, we can help.

Don’t Learn to Fly, Hire a Pilot.

Death of A Loved One

Families coping with the death of a loved one deserve to spend time with each other rather than trying to figure out all of the legal issues that need to be sorted out.

Sudden Incapacity

When a loved one becomes suddently unable to make their own decisions regarding finances or care and no durable power of attorney exists, families must seek a guardianship through the courts.

Elder Abuse & Fraud

When a loved one becomes suddently unable to make their own decisions regarding finances or care and no durable power of attorney exists, families must seek a guardianship through the courts.

Unexpected Nursing Care Need

Families who were unable to plan ahead for nursing home care often make costly mistakes in a rush to qualify for Medicaid without seeking help.

Terminal Diagnosis

Legal issues are often the last thing people want to think about when they receive a terminal diagnosis. Turning over those concerns to an attorney allows you to focus on available treatments and quality of life.

What Help Looks Like

A Calm Approach

In crisis, people in an unfamiliar situation tend to react in a hurry, which does not always produce the best results. As your trusted guide, we help you navigate your crisis promptly and prudently.


Convenient Process

We have taken the inconvenience out of getting legal help by offering flexible hours and both online and in-person meeting options while keeping the personal touch of working with a local attorney. It has never been so easy to make a get the assistance you need.

Straight Forward Billing

Many of our services are billed as a flat fee. We tailor our service to your needs and present pricing upfront to relieve your concerns about cost.

How To Easily Get Help



Click the link below to schedule a call or give us a call at the number above to set a time to talk about your issue. We keep times available to address crisis situations.



We talk about your concerns to determine how we can help. If you decide to work with us, we get started right away.



We get to work addressing your concerns. We have the knowledge and experience to put first things first. You will shift the weight of your concerns to us.

More Information About How We Help

Sudden Nursing Home Care

Around 62% of nursing home care is paid by Medicaid across the United States. Few people are able to afford the high costs on their own. In Kentucky, the average monthly cost of skilled care in a nursing home is $7,500 per month.

The best situation for seniors who think they may need care is advanced planning, at least 5 years before skilled nursing care is needed. Many seniors and their families do not know this or do not think they need advanced planning. In other situations, a healthy person suddenly needs unexpected care. In either situation, if there is a chance the person could qualify for Medicaid while saving some of their hard-earned money to pay for their supplemental needs or to pass on to future generations, we call this a Medicaid Crisis.

There are very specific steps an individual facing a Medicaid crisis needs to take and timing is important. Often, people facing a Medicaid Crisis without the help of an attorney spend down more money than they need to, or they sell assets that do not need to be sold. 

Some people worry that the cost of an attorney will outweigh the benefit when, in fact, hiring an attorney can save families tens of thousands of dollars and prevent costly mistakes.

What to do When a Loved One Dies

The legal steps you will take upon the death of a loved one vary depending on what (if any) estate plans were put in place before the person died.

One common misconception is that a power of attorney will help with managing a person’s affairs after their death. The powers granted in a power of attorney end upon the death of the person who executed the power of attorney. If that person executed a Will, the Will is now the document that grants authority to manage the estate. Some people also have trusts to help in this situation.

If no plan was put in place before the person’s death, Kentucky law provides the framework for administering a person’s estate.

Kentucky allows a do-it-yourself approach to the process called Probate. There are forms available online and even some DIY guides. For very simple estates, this may be a feasible way for some people to handle probate. Others will want the help of a Probate attorney like Andrew Schierberg to ensure everything is done properly and on time. Our help in a probate case can range from filing and completing the necessary paperwork, to handling the complete administration of the estate.

Elder Fraud Has Devastating Consequences

Older individuals are frequently the target of scammers and criminals operating online, over the phone, or in person. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau estimates annual losses from financial exploitation of older Americans at just under $2 billion.

The types of fraud and abuse range from common online scams to romantic relationships started by criminals intending to steal an individual’s life savings.

Almost universally, the most important thing to do upon the discovery that you or someone you love has fallen victim to this type of elder exploitation, is to reach out to experts for help. With over 18 years of experience in local law enforcement, Attorney Andrew Schierberg has experience investigating these types of cases. We will work with you to do everything in our power to recover losses and ensure the criminals are apprehend.

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